Discover the relaxing power of the club Tucan

Are you tired of this mad rythm the modern society imposes on you? Do you want to slow down? Are you looking for the perfect place to relax after work? Si fo not look further anymore: the club Tucan will be your wellness oasis!


Because we perfectly know that it can be difficult to say up-to-date with all the news of the world of the spa, we wanted to put at your disposalall the latest news in the marrer of wellness: so you will be able to find on lit website a summary of regularly updated information, but also the last products available on the market and the new spa technologies we provide you in our establishment. Thanks to our news section, be sure of never being left on the sideline!

Spa holidays

Our club provides you some trips only related to wellness and relaxation: indeed you will enter the temple of peace, where you only bref a few minutes to forget all your troubles. We offer you some customizable stays: the catering and the accommodation are included, and you are able to add some extra prestations: so let yourself be seduced by one of our numerous massages, with seaweed or hot stones. At the end of your stay, we guarantee you to go back home perfectly relaxed and peaceful!


The hydrotherapy has so many benefits, which are well-known and used since the Ancient Time: indeed the Roman thermae were a favourite meeting place for the aristocracy, but also for the sportsmen who used to come to relieve their muscular and articular pains. Nowadays the spa is open to everyone obviously, and the aim remained the same: relaxing a hard working day and forget all your problems. Indeed nothing is better than a good spa to carry away all the daily accumulated tensions. So do not hesitate anymore and come to discover all the virtus of the spa!