We help you develop your yacht rental business

No need for a license or an experienced skipper to take charge of a yacht. There is an adviser who will follow this boat and will stay on board or in the waterfront to help you. In addition, you can come a little earlier than expected and have 2 hours of time to get used to it.

Daily rental of a yacht

The rental of a yacht with 12 people on board for a day is between 500 to 1,500 euros per day. A sum that everyone can pay, because we can make a travel credit to realize our dream. For a group of people, it is very advantageous because if they are 10 to rent the yacht, everyone pays just 50 euros and the day will be unforgettable. The yacht can also be rent per hour, but everything depends on the agency. There are companies whose business is to rent boats but it's not just a yacht. The company in question has an office at the boat port. The supervision of this boat is the responsibility of this agency, so it should not be a problem during the transfer especially on the insurance side. Nevertheless, you as a renter need to do some checks before boarding.

The promises of start-up companies boat rental

On board, we will make every effort to meet all your expectations. You will remember our attentions, our listening, and our availability. Our high-end service will only have one goal: to make you live aboard one of the yacht charter boats for unforgettable moments and an exceptional discovery of life at sea. Renting a yacht is a bit different because the boat is equipped with luxury, and in most cases, you have a service on board, but it is always good to be the captain of your boat. The team will do its best to help you organize your trip to the sea. It will advise you DJ partners, caterers, dancers, etc. The ambition of the company is really to accompany you to make the most of the yacht and an adapted high-end service.

So, to spend the holidays differently, you just have to be part of the people who enjoy life by choosing the cruise in Greece aboard a yacht for 12 days.

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