Keeping warm in a jacuzzi tub this winter

The advantage of a jacuzzi tub is that you can use it both in summer and winter, unlike your pool. Here are some ideas to inspire you and enjoy your hot tub all winter long.

Spa in winter

In winter, your pool becomes unusable. By cons, you can swim in your jacuzzi under the snow, without any problem.

Instead of locking yourself in a room all day long, put on your swimsuit and join your garden where you will be able to dive into your bubble bath with hot water.

You will not even notice that the outside temperature drops to the negative, because the bath of 37 ° C that you take gives you the impression to swim under the sun.

Nevertheless, you will have to regulate the temperature of the water so that it perfectly neutralizes the cold.

An inflatable spa in a house

For an outdoor inflatable spa, you should know that the water in your spa will be much harder to heat because the outside temperature is much lower, the heating process will only slow down.

It is strongly recommended to position the insulating bubble sheet between the floor and the spa to prevent heat loss from the bottom and thus enhance heat preservation. Needless to say, the spa cover will be used permanently for optimum operation.

The easiest winter is to bring the spa inside your house, if you have the opportunity. It will be necessary to verify that you have a water evacuation in the room where you wish to install it. This evacuation can be a mains drainage, an evacuation for washing machine or even a sink.

The chosen room must be properly ventilated to allow moisture to escape. If you heat the room to 20 degrees for example, you will find the standard heating times, between 1.5 and 2.5 degrees per hour.

So, you will need to choose the model that best meets your needs. Inflatable spas come in many sizes and prices. In any case, they are more economical, easier and faster to install than a conventional spa.

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