A jacuzzi for sale just in time for winter

While they might not fit too easily underneath a Christmas tree, hot tubs can make the perfect winter holiday gift. What other present provides its recipients with such relaxation and wellness benefits and from the privacy of your own home every day of the year? Getting customers to see the benefits of giving a hot tub for the holidays isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

Strategize early

December 1 is not the time to begin thinking about how to move more hot tubs during the holiday season or placing your jacuzzi for sale in the market. Instead, it’s best to start planning early and target customers long before they begin their holiday shopping. Getting people to start thinking about buying a hot tub as a Christmas gift once they’re in the store is kind of like closing the barn door after the cows are out. It is recommended enticing customers to come into the store early with holiday-themed package offers. For instance, one could offer a package where customers can buy a hot tub and get a sauna for a penny. Other times they could receive a free grill with the purchase of a hot tub. Or you may want to take this opportunity to promote end-of-the-year close-outs.

New friends are good but keep the old too

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with consumers who have been in the store before, but have put off purchasing a hot tub for one reason or another. A lot of times that’s enough to trigger it since they’ve had interest before, and they need some sort of gift for the holidays. Among this group, perhaps nothing amps up hot-tub holiday sales like a private event. Offering them a discounted rate before they’re available to other customers creates an air of exclusivity. Everyone likes to feel special. You could invite existing leads via personalized email.

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