Why opt for a stay in a cabin rental in Auvergne ?

A dream destination for food lovers and hiking enthusiasts, Auvergne also remains a favorite place for atypical and unforgettable holidays. If you choose to rent a wooden cabin while camping, your stay will combine comfort and unusual in the same place. In addition, you will not miss ideas for entertainment, fun and relaxation.

Choose an exotic stay in original accommodation

What could be better for the holidays than to rent a tree house in camping ? Your rental will allow you to benefit from original and atypical accommodation. You can thus treat yourself to an exotic and peaceful stay in a friendly and warm setting. In addition, these small houses are perched in the trees in order to present you with a breathtaking view of nature and the surrounding countryside. Every morning, it will be the songs of the birds that will serve as your alarm clock, to announce you an excellent day. For unusual holidays, as a couple, with family or friends, in Auvergne, you can choose the different ranges of original accommodation at the 4-star Cosycamp campsite in Chamalières-sur-Loire, available at https://www.cosycamp.com/en/unique-accommodation-auvergne/cabin-trees-auvergne/. Many models await you at reasonable prices.

A comfortable stay in Auvergne

If you are looking for comfort in addition to the atypical during your holidays in Auvergne, rent a tree house in camping will not displease you, in particular thanks to the services and facilities, which this type of accommodation has. In addition, these houses are located in isolated areas of the estate so that you can enjoy total tranquility. They are suitable for four people and are equipped with a bathroom and a small kitchen. Their exterior opens onto a spacious terrace which promises you moments of rest in complete privacy. Your rental also gives you the possibility of accessing all the services and infrastructures dedicated to the establishment's leisure activities, including the swimming pool, the multi-sports ground, etc.

Original activities and visits in Auvergne

Rent a tree house in camping is another way to spend a great holiday with your loved ones in Auvergne. With its cultural and environmental heritage, this historic region is home to countless vestiges of its unusual past. Throughout your escapade, you will discover magnificent medieval fortresses, prehistoric sites and more. Your taste buds will not be harmed either since the terroir of the region is also one of the most unusual. Between the legendary forests, the volcanoes of Auvergne and the extraordinary landscapes, the natural environment of the region will delight hiking enthusiasts. You can also enjoy the attractions of the Vulcania theme park with your children, the national nature reserve of the Chaudefour valley or the Gévaudan wolf park.


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