Rent a boat to discover the wonders of the world

If you're like us, the absence of sun, gray, cold and exhaustion are likely the cause of a little winter blues. Good news, we suggest that you prepare the summer on the correct foot more than a few months before the summer season's return. No need to go far to spend a dream vacation, for an unforgettable vacation you will discover the destinations not to be missed in the Mediterranean. Several alternatives are accessible to you, the Mediterranean rim sheltering many nations and coastlines where you can take a sailboat or catamaran cruise.

Croatia: a relaxing holiday on a sailboat

Cape on Croatia sailboat and its 2000 islands and islets congealed in the Adriatic Sea! Visiting Croatia by ship enables you to explore uninhabited islands and outstanding panoramas in the core of domestic parks. The broad range of landscapes makes it one of the Mediterranean basin's most lovely cruise spots.

Greece: idyllic cruises in Ulysses ' footsteps

So near, so many, so different from one another... Literally, the Greek islands give numerous experiences. To find Greece, its pristine beaches, hidden coves, sea caves, rocky islets, nothing better than a sailing cruise with an experienced skipper. Thanks to Meltem all summer, Greece is an outstanding playground to learn how to sail while enjoying the attractions of a Mediterranean cruise.

Italy: Authentic boat holidays

Located in northwestern Sardinia, the Maddalena Archipelago is a national park made up of many islands and islets, the most famous being La Maddalena and Caprera. Wild and protected, the archipelago provides amazingly wealthy landscapes. It is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts in the colors of emerald green and sky blue, transparent granite reefs, white sand and luxurious marquis. A catamaran cruise is perfect for an unfunded stop in the rivers. You can also rent a boatand start north-east of Sicily to the Aeolian Islands, seven islands sown on the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea. At the whim of consecutive events, seven volcanoes arose from the waters, surrounded here and there with flats of basalt islands more or less consumed by erosion.

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