The platform for all boat sales and rentals

Thanks to new and innovative players geared towards younger generations, the boat rental market is better than ever. Boat rental is enjoying a good time. Online platforms have blossomed and blown a fresh wind in the sails of a market that has always existed. The website is one of the most comprehensive sites for rental boat search.

A multitude of boat choices

The choices are many, sailboats, motor boats, with skippers or without, large boat or semi-rigid cabin without cabin for a trip of a few hours in the creeks of Marseille or for a week in the Grenadines.

Many advantages for renters

For individuals, renting their boat is the opportunity to partially offset the various maintenance costs. A pleasant opportunity for owners, especially when you know that a pleasure boat does not go out at sea for ten days in the year. For professionals, these platforms provide access to better online visibility, attract new customers - perhaps more casual - and enjoy better booking management tools developed specifically for their business.

Band of Boats : the solution for you

Thousands of new and used multi-brand boats are available for sale or purchase online. Professionals and individuals can submit their offers for free. Customized services are offered to facilitate the user experience: payment security, "Smart Value" (to instantly know the market value of the boat you want to sell or buy), transport simulators (to evaluate logistics and price competitiveness of seagoing vessels in distant waters). More than 16,000 boats are already ready to drop anchor all over the world: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Martinique, British Virgin Islands ... France is not left with boats in the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic coast.

Thus, Band of Boats is a community platform that offers a service solution to find your ideal boat based on usage criteria, budgets, supplemented by advice from owners.

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